Events at gamescom 2022

Gamescom does not only mean a convention for games. Troughout the week there are many activities and festivities you can attend to. Do you like to know more about all of the history of gaming? Or are you more into chilling at the beach? Give yourself some time and look at what Gamescom can offer to you. All the listed events are at the Gamescom fair grounds and can require an extra ticket if you want to take part of it.  

Gamescom indoor events

Indoor events are the activities that take place inside the halls of Gamescom. No exposure to sun or rain and more entertainment to see around you! 


Event arena

For the first time in Gamescom history, there is a new hall especially for eSports! Hall 11.3 is designed to see your favorite eSporters take each other on. You can take a seat and see for yourself how well they do. The planning for which tournaments will be played is underway, but for now only the saturday is presented. The Riot with League of Legends tournament will be for the second time at Gamescom.


Do you want to have a seat reservated? You can reserve a special ticket here. Note: You need both private-visitor ticket and a special arena ticket to reserve a seat. 


Signing area

Each day is in hall 11.2 from 12:00 a twosome signing areas where you can get an autograph from you favorite star! Fans can get an autograph from stars like Felix von der Laden, Kati Karenina and Sarazar, and many others! Exact dates and times for each these will be published before 21 August. If you want more information, check this page out!



Are you in for a tag fight?! Each day is in hall 11.1 the option to play a round of lasergaming. Each person can set it's personal settings, from life points to sounds and gadgets. Get in line to play with friends, foes or alone against others and show your tactical skills to win the round!


Retro area

In hall 11.1 you can find all the information about the history of gaming. What do you know about the first console or game? Or do you like to relive your earlier days with some nostalgic games? For more over 200 game consoles, computers and more are placed in the family&friends area to get you right back to that good old time. If you are young and new or old and well-known to the industry, there are games for everyone's taste.



If you are into cosplay and like to dress up and play as your favorite (game) character, you can cosplay at your hearts content at Gamescom. Each year there is a special area called "the cosplay village" which every cosplayer can take pictures, sign, make friends, take part in contests and have fun. For cosplaying there is a seperate page to get more information!


Gamescom outdoor events

Just outside hall 8 you can find the outside area of Gamescom. Here you can enjoy the pretty weather and relax from the lines inside the halls. 


Gamescom bigFM beach

Step outside the halls and step inside the beach! Just outside Hall 8 you can find the wam sand, music and a cool cocktail to relax and chill out. Enjoy the beats provided by bigFM and, if you feel like it, play a round of volleyball to get that summer feeling.


Red Bull Gaming Ground powered by Gamescom

At the time of writing, not much is known about this event. Come back later to get to know more, or check out this page to find out more.


Other events

While we wrote down a number of events, there are still a lot more to see. Take a look at this list and maybe we will see you as well at gamescom!

- Gamescom Award

- Gamescom Congress

- Gamescom Campus

- COS Cup - Gamescom Cup

- Job & careers

- RC Drift games