Being a cosplayer takes a lot of time and effort to get yourself exactly as your favorite character. Buying or while making everything yourself, the dedication in your work is worth to show off. At gamescom there is more than enough room to show the results. Many visitors cloak themselves in their favorite game-characters and show of their costumes. Every year the amount of cosplayers increases at gamescom as well, so will you join them as well?!

Gamescom cosplay contest

On saturday the cosplay stage brings a great cosplay contest powered by HYDRAFORGE. You can walk and sit by and enjoy every cosplayer that comes to stage. Let them hear your appreciation for their work and help the jurys out!


Drawers' Alley

Skilled and well-known representatives of the illustratr and Mangaka scene will enter the fair grounds to show their works. Engage with them, find out who they are and what you can learn to become an even better illustrator than you already are! You can also enjoy by watching or buying their art to support them. Admire their work and vision on your favorite games and anime at the cosplay village.


Cosplay stage

Though saturday the stage is reserved for the cosplay contest, on every other day the stage won't be empty! Every day the stage will be packed with cosplay shows, acts, competitions and many more performances will be held to entertain you. Are you there to cheer them on?


Photo points

Are you a cosplayer but never had the chance to get good photo's of your outfit? Professional photographers are on special photo points to get you covered! Three special theme worlds will be available to get your cosplay really splashing out the picture. 


Meet the people

Meet and greet, with 355.000 people! If you like, you can get yourself a number at the info points to wear at you on the fairgrounds. Easy enough, people can write messages to you, and you to them! Get in contact with each other and learn more about their cosplay skills!


Daily Cosplay Treat

Feel like shining? If you stand out of the group you can take part in the Daily Cosplay Treat. Present yourself at your best and who know you will win some of the fantastic prizes!