Kingdom Hearts III shows the world of Big Hero 6

Last updated: 3 years ago    Source    By: Jeffrey Layers

At the Tokyo Gameshow 2018 Square Enix showed a new trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3. This time, they show Sora in the world of Big Hero 6, accompied with Hiro and Baymax! San Fransokyo, as the world is called, is now officially public. Check out the trailer below!

In early 2016, the director of Big Hero 6 [name] already confirmed in a short teaser for the world. But after the teaser there was only a drawing released about how Sora flies together with BayMax.

This time around, we see the Kingdom Hearts trio together with the Big Hero 6 gang. The action scene provide us about the enemies in this world: heartless with the looks of a dark BayMax.


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